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WiFiExtAssist is an award-winning IT testing, maintenance and troubleshooting services provider committed to make IT adoption and usage simpler for even the most novice users. We pride on having an extensive experience, bench strength professionals and ultramodern tools to provide assured, dedicated services to customers from all walks of life.

We have onboard a team of the best IT professionals who work in tandem to deliver unique, compelling and visibly apparent services. With a userbase of more than 50K, covering 3 continents, WiFiExtAssist is one of the largest Netgear customer support services provider to home as well as business users. Should you face any issues with your device or just need help with Netgear installation assistant customer support or Netgear range extender setup, you may call us toll free on 1-866-606-3055 and speak to one of our customer service representatives to avail free diagnostic of your device and we will recommend you the most beneficial and affordable way to getting your problems resolved instantly.

Our extensive client services portfolio includes the following major services:

  • Netgear installation assistant and customer support
  • Netgear range extender setup
  • Router troubleshooting
  • Pairing and connectivity issues
  • Fixing connection drop
  • Router audit and consulting
  • Maximum transmission unit size issues
  • Frequency interference from other devices
  • Resolving low-signal quality from wireless router
  • Upgrading outdated router firmware
  • Restoring your device to factory settings
  • Wifi connectivity and consulting
  • Fixing no internet connectivity issue

Should you ever face one of the issues listed above, do not forget to connect to one of our certified specialists for getting the issue fixed once and for all. We have a no frills, no gimmicks policy in place, meaning we never try to upsell any product or service to you without your consent, and limit ourselves just to helping you resolve the issues being faced.

Why choose us to troubleshoot your router or wifi range extender issues:

  1. 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed
  2. 0 minute expected call waiting time
  3. High-tech IT architecture
  4. Assured troubleshooting on any device
  5. 53+ award-winning specialists onboard
  6. Independent QA for quality testing
  7. 99% first call resolution, FCR rate
  8. Dedicated followup with all clients

Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers around the world with world-class, dedicated and responsive services to help them enjoy a pleasant user experience as far as gadget performance is concerned. Due its unremitting excellence in providing an exquisite range of holistic services, WiFiExtAssist has achieved a cult status in all of its target market. A userbase of more than 50K and an extensive experience of more than a decade is an insignia of our expertise and something that flows from us to the rest of the world, customer satisfaction.

Once you connect to one of our experienced IT professional, we start with listening to your experience and issues being faced by you, and offer a free diagnostic to gauge the status of your device and find all standing issues. Once the issues have been successfully diagnosed, you can relax and breathe easy; one of our Netgear customer support specialists work on to resolve the issues. Our certified Netgear installation assistant specialists have several years of experience under their belt and are trained enough to successfully troubleshoot your issue rather swiftly. Once the issue has been resolved, it is quality checked vigorously to confirm that your device is working as it should and we will inform you once everything has been fixed completely and successfully.

Our facility boasts of having independent Netgear range extender setup and installation assistant specialists to recurrently check the status of the services our technicians are offering you. All the chats, calls and emails are closely monitored by our QA team to make sure you are served with world-class services in a timely fashion.

No matter what model or make of your device be, WiFiExtAssist has got you covered. Anytime you run into a trouble using your router or range extender, make sure you call 1-866-606-3055 (toll free), we are just a call away and ensure you are never disappointed or face a downtime with any of your devices.

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