How to Setup a Wireless Repeater



It is extremely easy to set up a wireless repeater. Any not-so-tech-savvy person can simply configure the device and install the software (driver) required and even those with little to no knowledge of computer and networking can set up a wireless repeater with no hassle.


Wireless Repeater Position

If you are purchasing a wireless repeater then it’s perhaps a safe bet you already know where you are having difficulties in receiving a wireless signal. You might want to try and place the wifi repeater in between the spots where you are trying to receive the signal and wifi access point.

You will require a mains socket that you can use and it should ideally be positioned somewhere where it is slightly out of the way. Also, you must try to get a clear a path for your wifi repeater. It is absolutely easy for the wireless signal to pass through the air as compared to a wall, for example. The repeater can be mounted against a wall or simply kept down or a table or even floor.

This is one task which may take a bit of trial, error, and rework to get things right in an ideal manner. It depends on how far you are actually trying to repeat the wireless signal. You can have a repeater sitting on your window sill, on top of your fridge, or even attached to either side of your stairs.


Setting up the Network

Most of the preferred wireless repeaters come with easy-to-install software applications. It works more along the similar lines as connecting your desktop to the network. Simply run the software on your desktop or laptop and guide it to the network you want to connect to.

Generally, you connect to your wireless repeater using an Ethernet cable (normally included in the kit) or the wireless. Launch the program (available on a CD in the kit) and it will guide you through the entire setup process. Enter your SSID (i.e. the name of your wireless network) or select it from the list of available networks as shown by the program. If you are not familiar with it, simply look through the software interface to find which network your PC is connected to. Simply try not to repeat the network of your neighbor by mistake!

As such, the wireless repeater must display the connection it has to your access point. In general, you want to have the repeater at a fair distance to extend your signal but not too far to ensure the signal strength is decent.

You will be required to fill in the security details (i.e. your username and wireless password) and generally an option to assign a new name to your network. You will also be required to set a channel. In case you are not well familiar with what you are doing, then usually it is recommended to select “automatic installation” however if you are facing an issue while connecting to the network, you can just switch between the available channels to find the right channel that provides you the best signal strength.

Generally, your computer won’t be able to find out that it’s connected to a wireless repeater network. Technically, for your computer, it’s connected to a network router while there is a wireless repeater in place between your router and computer to handle everything.

Installing a wireless repeater is extremely easy. Remember that every hardware manufacturer will have a different installation process (though the process is similar for the most part and in terms of steps you need to follow).

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